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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

World won't end in 2012, feng shui expert says

MANILA, Philippines – Contrary to an earlier interpretation of the Mayan calendar, the end of the world is not near, according to a feng shui expert.
“The feng shui chart does not suggest [that the world will end on December 21],” Marites Allen, who is now based in the United Kingdom, said in a press briefing during her visit to Manila on Tuesday. “Basta the feng shui chart says no.”
Allen, however, discouraged people from traveling anytime from December 17 to 23, saying that disasters may happen during these dates.
“From December 17 to 23, especially December 17, all of the four pillars of the chart have very strong water,” she said, referring to some feng shui principles as she mentions the possibility of water-related calamities.
“I just flew in from Singapore and that’s one of the biggest discussions we had,” she added.
While most people do not believe that the world will end on December 21, several others are worried about the doomsday myth. There was even a 2009 Hollywood movie titled “2012,” which depicted a series of cataclysmic events unfolding in the said year.
Several experts have noted that the date in the Mayan calendar merely refers to the end of a cycle, not the end of the world.
“According to the cycles, panglima na ito. This is the end of the fifth sun na sinasabi ng Mayan calendar. ‘Yung rotation na ‘yan ng mga procession ng mga equinoxes magtatapos sa December 21. So pagdating ng December 21 this now begins a new cycle,” astrologer Paloma told ABS-CBN News.
Catholic priest Fr. Glenn Paul Gomez, SVD, meanwhile, believes that no one but God can determine when the world will end.
“Sa simbahan pinag-aaralan nga ‘yan eh. May kurso na ang title ay eschatology. The study of the end,” he explained. “Pero ‘yung sasabihing eksakto, walang nakakaalam kung kalian magwawakas ang buhay sa daigdig.”

PH most emotional nation - US pollster

MANILA, Philippines – They say it’s more fun in the Philippines.
But according to United States pollster Gallup, the Philippines is also the world’s most emotional nation – which means that Filipinos feel the most in a slew of emotions such as pain, happiness and anger.
The survey, which first appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, ranked a total of 152 countries to analyze how people feel about their lives. Philippines came out on top, beating El Salvador (No. 2), Bahrain (No. 3), Oman and Colombia (No. 4) and even the United States (No. 5, along with other nations).
Gallup, which was used during the US presidential polls, used straightforward questions such as: Did you feel well-rested yesterday? Were you treated with respect all day yesterday? Did you experience enjoyment, physical pain, worry, sadness, stress and anger?
The same article also named Singapore as “the world’s most emotionless society.”
Quoting Gallup’s Jon Clifton, BusinessWeek said: “If you measure Singapore by the traditional indicators, they look like one of the best-run countries in the world...But if you look at everything that makes life worth living, they’re not doing so well.”
The Philippines does not compare to Singapore when it comes to its gross domestic product. Recent figures showed, however, that local economy grew by 5.9% in the second quarter. Government officials said the country is now one of the strongest economies that the world should watch out for.
In October, however, the 2012 World Happiness report of the Columbia University’s Earth Institute ranked the Philippines as among the “least happy” countries in the world. It was 103rd out of 155 countries surveyed. The rankings were based on appreciation for good health, political freedom and access to education, among others.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 Reasons Why People Lie

The invention of lying probably dates back to the invention of communication itself. It can be said that lying is, in fact, a basic need for social existence.
lie can serve a lot of purposes. We take a look upon the most common reasons for which people resort to lying.

1. To Please

In order to maintain the pleasantness of any social situation, people have to lie. Questions like ‘How do I look?’, ‘Am I getting Fat?’ or ‘Did you like my gift?’ are bound to fetch lies.

2. To Save Your Own Face

You have got to accept that there are certain truths about everyone that are best kept hidden. It is much easier to simply lie than to share embarrassing truths about oneself.

3. To Avoid Favours

The percentage of people who are always on the ready to help is fairly low. Most of the population would simply lie rather than actually be of use to somebody else.

4. To Avoid Long Conversations

Sometime truth can invite a long discourse of unneeded advice, further questions or criticism. The crisis of time is universal to all people and some people have no other option than lying to avoid long conversations.

5. To Boast

Though these lies are more or less harmless, they are way too common. Some people have this need to feel better about themselves which they try to suffice by painting a better picture of themselves in front of others.

6. To Get Benefits

It is no secret that everyone lies a little bit in an interview or to get an interview. The lure of other worldly things and benefits can also prompt people to lie.

7. To Evade Punishment

This point needs no explanation as we all lied to our teachers in school to avoid punishment. People lie to their superiors, parents or spouse to avoid any kind of punishment or penalty.

8. To Gel In

The social needs of people often make them tell lies. Many people succumb to peer pressure and fabricate lies about themselves just to fit in better.

9. To Prove a Point

Some adamant people may easily resort to lying just to prove their point. This adamant class of people can also get quite creative when it comes to lying.

10. To Influence

Lies can be a small part of big schemes of conniving people. People can get really elaborate with lies in order to change an opinion of someone.
Lying is so common that some people even lie just for the sake of it. The reasons for lying are as vast as the human imagination and no list can possibly encompass all the reasons for which humans lie.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 Lies All woman Tell
Here are five lies that ALL women tell and very few own up to:

1. I am NOT mad at you

Lie. Lie. Lie. The moment she utters these words, the red flag, heck ALL the red flags you have, must go up. A woman only ever says this when she is fuming with wrath; when she is so angry with you that she wants to burn your sad soul and kick you right into hell. You’d be safe if she is mad at you than when she is not. So, if she isn’t mad at you, please do the needful and make sure she is absolutely mad at you.

2. You were Great!

If you *actually* were great, she wouldn’t necessarily say it. Instead she’d show yougrateful she is. So if she tells you how great you were and raves and rants about it, chances are you were only but mediocre and she is just being nice.

3. Be honest, I can take it

This particularly statement is made after she asks you *that* question. The question being: Do I look fat in this?
It’s a trap. A big huge cage from which there is no escape. Any answer or no answer, you’re destined to die out of misery in that cage.
The truth is she cannot take your honesty and if you lie blatantly, she’ll catch you at it. So the trick here is to be moderate in your response; not too flowery, not too mean. Walk the tight-rope well and you might just manage to escape from the cage. PS: No living man has yet managed this feat.

4. I’m not jealous

In reality, she is jealous almost all the time. Jealous when you look at that girl walking by, jealous when you talk too much to your friend who is a girl. In all honesty, playful jealousy is fun, necessary even to keep the relationship going. So when she says she is not jealous, smile and kiss her cheek. Forget being jealous, she will just blush.

5. I never think of my ex

Everyone thinks of their ex. At some point or the other, we are driven back to times gone by because of a tune or a place or situation or a conversation. It’s okay if she thinks about her ex once in a while, because it is only normal to do so. And if she confesses to *never* thinking of her ex, I’d say something is wrong with her and that you need to assess what that is.

10 ways to beat stress

Stressed woman
Take control of your stress
Life getting too much for you? Things feel like they're spiralling out of control? Take a tip from the Stress Management Society to beat stress and get yourself back on an even keel.
1. Avoid tea and coffee
Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar products are all stimulants, so will not calm you down. If you're stressed, steer clear of tea, coffee and cigarettes - keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking water instead or chamomile tea.
2. 'I can definitely deal with this'
Think up a self-affirming mantra to repeat to yourself (eg 'I deserve calm in my life', or 'I have a choice in every situation'). Repeat it to yourself whenever you feel tense.
3. Agree with others once in a while
Life should not be a constant battleground. , so even if you disagree with someone, avoid conflict every now and again by just agreeing or keeping quiet. They have a right to their opinion (even if they are wrong!), just as you do.
4. Listen to your body
When you are tired, hungry or thirsty, do something about it: rest, eat or drink.
5. Learn how to say 'no'
Simple, but effective. Where a 'no' is the appropriate response, say it without guilt.
6. Get organised
  • make a list of all the things that you need to do
  • list them in order of genuine importance
  • note what you need to do personally and what can be delegated
  • prioritise things that need doing immediately
  • demote tasks that can wait
  • you may find some tasks don't actually need doing at all
7. Get online
When stress strikes, take five and calm down if you can on a favourite website - shopping, a social networking portal,! Taking a short break gives you valuable cooling time and enables you to get back to the issue in hand with a fresh head.
8. And breathe it out...
Try this breathing exercise: Sit or stand in a relaxed position. Slowly inhale through your nose, counting to five in your head. Let the air out from your mouth, counting to eight in your head as it leaves your lungs. Repeat several times.
As you breathe, let your abdomen expand outward, rather than raising your shoulders. This is a more relaxed and natural way to breathe, and helps your lungs fill themselves more fully with fresh air.
Repeat a few times to release tension, or for several minutes as a form of meditation. If you like, make your throat a little tighter as you exhale so the air comes out like a whisper. This type of breathing is used in some forms of yoga and can add additional tension relief.
9. Acupressure
You have acupressure points either side of the bridge of your nose. Rub there gently, and around your eyes.
10. Face exercises
Relieve tension in the face by lifting your eyebrows, then drag your fingertips - pressing firmly - from your forehead to the back of your head.