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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jessica Sanchez joins Bench family

MANILA, Philippines – Local clothing brand Bench has announced that “American Idol” runner-up Jessica Sanchez is the newest addition to its long list of celebrity endorsers to promote its products.
In its official Twitter and Facebook accounts on Saturday, Bench said it is proud to welcome Sanchez as part of the family.
"Let's all welcome the fashionable @JSanchezAI11 to the ever-growing @benchtm family! #JessicaSanchez4Bench," said Bench.
“We are thrilled to welcome the voice that has won the hearts of many. Truly proud to have @JSanchezAI11 part of the #Benchsetter family,” Bench added.
Sanchez is not the first "Idol" graduate to be part of Bench.
Prior to the 16-year old Filipino-Mexican-American, Bench also clinched a deal with “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta to be among their endorsers.
Archuleta's Bench billboards and posters can now be seen in different Bench stores nationwide.
Filipino-American "Idol" Season 3 contestant Jasmine Trias also did commercials for Bench after she placed third in the popular reality talent search.

NBA Trade Rumors – Kevin Martin to Chicago Bulls?

Chicago enters the 2012-13 NBA season with big questions surrounding the team's offense as they will likely play most or all the upcoming season without injured star Derrick Rose. The Bulls have struggled to add talent through free agency and now could look to make a trade before the season begins to add some scoring, especially at the guard position.
The latest trade rumor from Bleacher Report writer Branden Fitzpatrick suggests the team looks into adding Kevin Martin from the Houston, but it won't come cheap as Luol Deng is the player suggested to head to the Rockets.
Martin would give the Bulls a player that can score and is not afraid to put up shots in clutch situations, and while the Bulls would lose Deng, they would free up some big money as the young forward is expected to make over $27 million over the next two years.
Martin is a big shooting guard at 6'7" and will help the team defensively against bigger guards in the league, but his offense is the key to any deal as the 29-year-old has averaged over 18 points per game in his career and hits over 37% from three-point territory, both of which the Bulls need to stay competitive this NBA season.
The chances of Chicago winning the most regular season games in the league for a third straight year is slim, but the Bulls have a good nucleus of players, and adding a scorer like Martin would keep this team in the playoff hunt until Rose returns and create a dangerous back-court duo that could make this team a favorite for a title in 2013.

Pinoy performers share Olympic experience

LONDON – The London 2012 Olympics officially began with the historic, fun-filled opening ceremony where one billion people across the globe watched and 80,000 spectators filled the newly-built Olympic Stadium at Stratford.
The Philippine Team joined the parade wearing their national costume designed by Rajo Laurel. The first Filipino weightlifter for the Olympic, Hidilyn Diaz, was the flag bearer.
Pinoy performers share their experience during the opening of the Olympic Games in London
But it was not only the 11-man Philippine team that shined during the opening ceremony.
Pinoy volunteer performers were also part of the opening ceremony, practicing for more than 4 months for the event.
“We’ve been practicing for few months now. It was difficult but a fun, fantastic experience,” said Edwin de la Cruz.
Cleo Sagun echoed de la Cruz’ sentiment and added that he is proud that he was part of the historic opening ceremony.
“It’s very tiring tapos yun bang kalaban namin is rain. Yung mga ginagawa namin is really, really intense and strenuous. But it’s amazing to be part of it and I’m so thrilled,” he said.
Some Pinoys performed in the event to represent their own profession as nurses and doctors in the United Kingdom. They performed during the opening ceremony as part for the National Health Service or NHS.

“It’s overwhelming to present na ikaw ay nurse at the same time sa field of play dito sa magaganap na Olympic ceremony nurse kami and doctors. Very proud kaming i-promote na galing pa kami sa Pilipinas,” said Glendelyn Flores.
Yoga teacher Patricia Olabre was also thrilled to be part of what she described as an unforgettable experience.
Patricia Olabre is seen here wearing her industrial revolution costume
“Today's the day! 7 years in the making and we’ve finally arrived at Friday 27 July 2012, the day of the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad here in London. In just a few hours I will be at the centre of it all, giving the performance of my life as the whole world looks on. OMG!,” Olabre stated on her Facebook account.
Olabre was cheered on by her husband James and their one-year old daughter, Aleida.
“Woooo! I can’t believe what just transpired. Did we make London proud? Yeah, baby!,” she added.
Only praises for Boyle
The London 2012 opening ceremony was directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle. Boyle gained praises and accolades from Pinoy performers for his professionalism and cool personality.
“As a director he is very cool. Nandyan siya everyday. He’s very punctual. He makes sure he says hi to everyone,” said Louis John Capadosa.
Flores also stressed that Boyle gave everyone an equal treatment during the rehearsals.
“He treats us very good. He treated us equally. Regardless of who you are, saan ka nanggaling,” she said.
Filipino-Pakistani Mehreen Umar described Boyle as a friendly and very approachable director.
“I think he was amazing. He was always upbeat, always smiling. He was always in the rehearsals and thanking us at the end of the session,” she said. 
Orchid Tunaya also praised Boyle for his humility and for being a friendly person.
“He was very humble to meet us and go out of his way to talk to us personally,” said Tunaya whose husband is in active military duty as a member of the US Air Force deployed in Afghanistan.
She said Boyle was very willing to listen when she told her about her situation.
“Just that small talk with him was a big support for me to move on, and go on with my training,” she said.
After the big event last night, some of the Filipino performers in the opening ceremony will also perform again in the Paralympics event next month.

Makati named 'most retirement-friendly' city

MANILA, Philippines – Makati City has been named by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) as the “most retirement and aging-friendly” city in the country based on criteria from the World Health Organization (WHO).
Makati has the most number of foreign retirees from China, Japan, Korea, Europe and US. Most of them are now Filipino citizens while others have acquired dual citizenship.
Under WHO’s criteria, a city is considered “age-friendly” based on the number of establishments, transportation services, social participation and health services that cater to the elderly.
WHO also recognizes the bi-annual allowances provided to Makati’s senior citizens every June and December.
Senior citizens in the city also get birthday cakes, free haircut and salon treatments, free massage, funeral benefits and free movie tickets.
PRA also awarded Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay the “Best of Radar 2012” for the city’s retirement programs. -- report from Henry Atuelan, dzMM

Jessica felt 'guilty' for keeping boyfriend secret

MANILA, Philippines -- "American Idol" runner-up Jessica Sanchez admitted that she felt guilty for keeping her relationship with fellow finalist Deandre Brackensick a secret from her fans.
Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez. Composite image
Sanchez, whose mother hails from Bataan in the Philippines, said she and Brackensick had been officially together "for a while" before they disclosed their romantic relationship to their fans last week.
"Me and him kept it a secret for a while, I have to say," Sanchez told ABS-CBN News in an exclusive interview during the San Diego leg of the "American Idol LIVE! Tour."
"But I kind of felt guilty after a while because I tell my fans everything and they want them to know everything about me," Sanchez added.
Since finishing second to "Idol" Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips, 16-year-old Sanchez has amassed a number of followers, which she endearingly calls "blujays."
On microblogging site Twitter, she actively communicates with her fans and updates them on her professional engagements as well as developments in her personal life.
It was on the same social networking site that Brackensick confirmed the status of his relationship with Sanchez who, in turn, told her fans of the development through a session on online video streaming service UStream.
Brackensick, who finished 8th place on "Idol," also joins Sanchez and the rest of the show's Top 10 finalists in the concert series, which will have its finale show in the Philippines on September 21.
Sanchez, however, allayed worries from her mother that she might lose focus on her thriving career.
"Not at all. We've been best friends. Her and his mom are best friends, too, so it works out perfectly," Sanchez said. -- with a report from Yong Chavez, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Friday, July 27, 2012

Will the US defend Philippines if China attacks?

MANILA, Philippines - The US military might not come to the Philippines' aid if Chinese forces attack Filipino ships and claimed territory in the disputed Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal, international affairs experts have warned.
While the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) requires Manila and Washington to support each other if either of the 2 countries are attacked by a third party, the United States has yet to make a full commitment with regard to the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG).  
"The treaty text leaves the extent of US commitments open to interpretation," the ICG said in its latest report on the territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea.
"While the text calls for the US to respond to an armed attack against the Philippines, Manila only received 'vague  assurances' that Washington would uphold the treaty during the Scarborough standoff," the ICG added.
"Furthermore, the US has not confirmed whether the scope of the treaty covers contested territories in the South China Sea," said the Brussels-based organization, which advises governments and world bodies like the United Nations, European Union and World Bank on the prevention and resolution of armed conflicts.
It added that MDT predates the Philippines' territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea, resulting in uncertainties how the US will interpret its application to disputed territories in the event of a conflict.

US neutral in Philippines-China dispute

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier said Washington is neutral in the Philippines-China dispute and is instead focused on ensuring free navigation, unimpeded commerce and stability in the West Philippine Sea.
The ICG also mentioned an analysis of  Asian affairs specialist Thomas Lum, who said in an April 2012 report for the Congressional Research Service that the US does not consider the MDT and subsequent renewals to extend to features in the West Philippine Sea. 
"Some Philippine officials have suggested or sought assurances that the treaty obliges the United States to come to the defense of the Philippines if China were to take disputed territories in the South China Sea by force, while some US interpretations limit US intervention to a foreign military attack on the main Philippine islands or upon Philippine military forces," Lum said.
However, he added, that "the Obama administration has not further specified the circumstances under which the US armed forces would intervene on behalf of the Philippines."
"The Manila Declaration of November 16, 2011, did not lay out specifically the circumstances in which the United States would defend Philippine claims in the South China Sea," he said.
DFA: US will defend Philippines
Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario has issued an official statement saying the Obama administration, through Clinton, renewed its "commitment to the defense of the Philippines" if China attacks Filipino forces in the Spratly Islands.
Del Rosario also said Clinton, during the "Two Plus Two" meeting between officials of the 2 countries in Washington, D.C. in April this year, "reiterated that the U.S. "reaffirms our commitment and obligations under the mutual defense treaty."
He said even without an actual armed attack against either the Philippines and the U.S., Article III of the MDT allows officials of the 2 countries to discuss threats in the Pacific.
Philippine President Benigno Aquino and US President Barack Obama reaffirmed their commitment to the US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty, as well as to peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region, during their bilateral meeting in the White House in June this year.
The White House said Aquino briefed Obama on the situation in the West Philippine Sea during their one-on-one dialogue. 
In a statement issued after their meeting, the US leader pledged Washington's support for the upgrade of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the building of a "minimum credible defense posture" for Manila.
Without going into details, Obama said he had discussions with Aquino on various security and military issues, particularly with regard to the US pivot back to Asia, "and reminding everybody that, in fact, the United States considers itself, and is, a Pacific power."
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Benigno Aquino take center stage at a lunch she hosted for the Philippine leader in Washington, D.C. in June.
Washington must clarify position
Ian Storey of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies told the National Bureau of Asian Research that Manila has sought clarification from Washington on how the MDT applies to situations in the West Philippine Sea.
"Manila seems to think that the MDT covers contingencies in the area, whereas the US position is that the Spratlys are not covered by the MDT because they were only formally claimed by the Philippines in 1978, 27 years after the treaty was signed. However, under the terms of the MDT, both sides would be obliged to consult if the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) came under attack in the South China Sea," he said.
"Although the United States has given strong rhetorical support to its alliance relationship with the Philippines, in the event of a clash in the South China Sea U.S. military assistance to the AFP would be 'scenario dependent,'" Storey added.
Walter Lohman, director of the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation, believes that Washington must clarify its position on the MDT with regard to the Philippines-China territorial dispute.
In a May 2012 analysis, "Scarborough Shoal and Safeguarding American Interests," Lohman said previous administrations have issued clear statements on Washington's responsibilities of its ally is attacked.
He said in 1979, US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance confirmed in an official letter to Philippine Foreign Secretary Carlos P. Romulo that the MDT covers an “attack on Philippines armed forces, public vessels or aircraft” even if such attack does not occur in the “metropolitan territory of the Philippines or island territories under its jurisdiction.”
"US Ambassador Thomas Hubbard reaffirmed these assurances in 1999 during deliberations over the U.S.–Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement. He also stated unequivocally that 'the U.S. considers the South China Sea to be part of the Pacific Area.' This position has not changed," Lohman said.
He said the Obama administration must highlight its treaty commitments to the Philippines.
"The US should make clear to [China] officials privately that in the event of an armed PRC attack on Philippine 'public vessels,' the U.S. must invoke its treaty commitment to declare such action 'dangerous to its own peace and safety' and would initiate formal consultations with the Philippines to determine an appropriate course of action. The nature of its response will be dictated by the nature of the attack," Lohman said.

To save marriage, Fil-Am couple turns to 'Ironman Triathlon'

How can an athletic competition keep marriages from falling apart? That’s what Timothy Aquino, a 45-year-old contestant of Ironman Triathlon, will seek to find out.
Tim is registered for the first Ironman U.S. championship in the New York/New Jersey area next month. The World Championship – bringing in all the winners across the U.S. – will be held in Kona, Hawaii in October.
But Tim is in the grueling competition for a grander reason other than proving his athletic prowess.

He is seeking a global platform to spread his message about saving marriage.

As Ironman winner, he gets to travel around the country and speak out about marriage and the need to keep it from disintegrating amid the persistent threats posed by financial difficulties, gender politics, and a pop culture industry that romanticizes divorce and single parenthood.
Tim and his wife Tina belong to the Morning Star New York, a Christian ministry that was created after 9/11. There is no permanent “church,” but members meet in different parts of the city called “worship sites” to discuss family-related and social justice issues — anywhere from strengthening family relationships to human trafficking.
They joined the church when they recognized in 2007 that their own relationship was starting to fray. The couple are now active marriage ministers. They have grown children Samantha, 25, and Jonathan, 23.
“By God’s grace, we have been able to help married couples going through some really difficult times and nearly separating stay on and fight for their marriages,” Tim told The FilAm in an interview.
Some of the couples they ministered to continue to work on their differences, but have so far avoided falling into the divorce trap.
“There have also been many single people who have approached us and sought our guidance as they prepare for marriage,” said Tim.

“In one of the classes we taught, an African-American husband said to me, ‘Tim, it’s so comforting and liberating to know that the difficulties my wife and go through in our marriage are the same things you and Tina went through.’”
With this as his motivation, Tim is training hard to achieve his goal of being able to reach a bigger audience.
“I heard about the Ironman World Championship in Kona many years ago when I saw it on TV,” he said. “It has been a dream to do an Ironman when I turn 45 and this is the year.”
The long-distance triathlon, organized by the World Triathlon Corporation, consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike and a marathon 26.2-mile run.
Tim in training.
Tim said he trains six days a week averaging 18 hours per week. On some days he wakes up at 4:30 a.m. for training.

His workout gym is the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club at the Upper East Side. For speedwork he goes to the Tappan Zee High School track.

He also runs in Central Park and works with a coach, Victoria Tiase, who is an elite triathlete herself. Drawing parallels to marriage, he said, “The main thing that we want to achieve in all of this is to raise awareness that we can have thriving marriages if we do it together; that we all go through tough, trying times and that we need guidance, wisdom, and support from other people.”
Just like the Ironman, he stressed, “We train to win, we push to persevere, we never give up.”  - The FilAm

Pinoy WW2 vets find new ally in NY City Council

NEW YORK, NY - A resolution calling on the US Congress and President Obama to sign the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act of 2011 was introduced at the New York City Council.
Daniel Dromm, City Council Member from Queens, introduced the resolution that pushes for HR 210, The Filipino Veterans Fairness Act, that would grant full benefits to Filipino veterans who fought alongside US soldiers during World War II.
"If you fight for our country, if you sacrificed your own lives for our country, it's deserving of equal recognition and dignity and support for those veterans as well," said Dromm.
But the Recission Act of 1946 took away the recognition of the US military service of Filipino World War II veterans.
Of the 66 allied nationalities who fought for the US, only Filipinos were not recognized as full American veterans.
Dromm said he knows what it's like to be disenfranchised and discriminated as an openly gay city councilman. He said his past experiences prompted him to support the cause.
"So I know what this thing of discrimination feels like and so when I hear situations where people have been discriminated against, left out, not acknowledged for, I know what it feels like and that's what my main motivation for wanting to create justice for all people in this country," he said.
Supporters for the Justice for Filipino American Veterans say its about time New York City help war veterans.
"As of right now, there are 94 co-sponsors for HR 210 in the US Congress and at this point medyo mabagal. As you know, there's a change of political climate of spending and such so its such a really good time for the New York City Council to pass this resolution," said Chevy Evangelista of the Ugnayan Filipino Youth Group.
Linda Oalican of the Damayan Migrant Organization meanwhile said, "Ang magagawa ng mga Pilipino dito is mag-organize and talk about this issue. This issue is about us. Its about the dignity of our people and especially us here in the US".
If more city council members get on board with the resolution, Dromm said a hearing may soon be conducted for Filipino veterans before the resolution may be put to vote on the city council floor.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bloomberry to hire 4,500 for Pasay City casino-resort Solaire

Port magnate Enrique Razon’s Bloomberry Resorts Corp. says it will hire 4,500 workers for its new gaming hub Solaire Manila Resort & Casino in Entertainment City, Pasay.
A Bloomberg report said Bloomberry has already recruited 400 Filipinos working in casinos in Macau and Singapore, but still has to fill 150 management posts.
Estimates show casinos in the Philippines will employ some 40,000 Filipinos and attract a million more tourists a year.
The $1 billion Solaire Manila Resort & Casino is set to open by first quarter of 2013.
Michael French, Bloomberry chief operating officer, said the first phase of development will have a 700 room-hotel, three levels of podium that will host ballroom/convention facilities, gaming areas, restaurants, retail shops, and health and wellness facilities.
Investment for the first phase of the development is estimated at $650 million. Bloomberry expects its total investment in the area to reach $1.2 billion.
French said construction is on track with “a little over 80 percent” completed.
“Our Solaire guest room will be the biggest in Manila, about 43.5 sqm, and larger than any hotel room. It will be a luxury hotel operation, with the standards of Peninsula and Shangri-La,” said French.
“We think the gaming market is quite good in Manila. In gaming, supply builds demand. So we have found in every market that the more casino products introduced, the more business grows. We are bullish and positive in the local market and international market, which is virtually intact with Manila. We will do more marketing to bring in high roller gamers from overseas,” he said.
The Entertainment City Manila is a multibillion-dollar project of PAGCOR, covering 120 hectares of prime reclaimed land at the western portion of the Manila Bay in ParaƱaque City. It is also a special economic zone.
The Philippine government’s tourism blueprint, the National Tourism Development Plan, seeks to achieve 10 million tourist arrivals by 2016. Entertainment City’s 3,200 hotel rooms, which will have an annual capacity of one million tourists, will be among the key drivers to achieve the target.
Aside from tourist arrivals, Entertainment City is expected to generate over 20,000 jobs.
The Philippines is high on the radar screen of the global leisure and entertainment industry, Bloomberry noted.
Citigroup has tagged the Philippines as the “market to watch,” reporting that upon the completion of the integrated resorts at the Entertainment City, the total revenue that can be derived from gaming activities would most likely approximate the earnings capacity of Singapore’s integrated resorts.

British-Pinoy chosen as Olympic Village mayor

LONDON - Steven Cheung, a 22-year-old British-Filipino, has been chosen as young mayor of the Olympic Village. 
The Olympic Village is the official home of more than 10,000 athletes and officials during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.
"I'm really proud  to be able  to fly the Union Jack and the Filipino flag. It's time for us to really raise our status, to raise the step in our game and be known internationally... Starting from the first generation to the second generation migrants, together we can make a better future for us and the Philippines," Cheung said.
As young mayor, Cheung will welcome heads of state, diplomats and athletes who will visit the Olympic Village, as well as be a role model for the youth in East London.
"My role as a young mayor, I will welcome them to the Olympic village, on top of that, everything concerning them, including food and accommodation, will come through our office," he said.
Cheung admitted when his family moved to the UK, he experienced discrimination, but he did not allow this to bring him down. He wants to be an inspiration for fellow Filipinos.
"Mahirap talaga... Yung mga tao calling you names like 'oh you are fresh off the boat.' When I tell them  im from the Philippines, my mom is from the Philippines and they don't know the Philippines," he said.
During the first day of the Olympic torch relay in London, Cheung was also one of the torchbearers. He was also chosen as an Olympic Youth Ambassador.
A volunteer and a community leader since the young age of 12, Cheung was awarded a Princess Diana Award for his work in the community.

World's most loved, most hated cities — Part 2

he top five on the news site CNNGo's list of the world's 10 most loved cities include: 
(5) Petra
JORDAN (Estimated Filipino population in country: 30,171*)
Known as the “Rose-Red City,” Petra was an old ancient Nabatean ruin dating back more than 2,000 years.
It was rediscovered through the help of a Swiss adventurer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt and has acquired the “Wonder of the World” accreditation from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
(4) San Francisco
UNITED STATES (Estimated Filipino population in country: 3,166,529*)
An escape from the hustle and buzz of America, San Francisco boasts enchanting hills, wonderful bridges, cable cars, and ferries.
The city’s pride, the Golden Gate Bridge also recently celebrated is anniversary.
If you want to avoid the crowds, it is advised that you tread the Land’s End Trail, a four-kilometer coastal trek considered to be one of the most beautiful.
(3) Santiago
CHILE (Estimated Filipino population in country: 176*)
This city is like a collection of all the good stuff from other American cities.
Santiago has better weather than Vancouver, livelier music than Seattle, More entertaining cafes than Portland, greater bar hours and prices than Los Angeles and more fashionable people than San Francisco.
It also has been ranked top by the New York Times in its “41 places to go” list.
(2) Shanghai
CHINA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 26,772*)
Once dubbed as the “Paris of the Orient,” Shanghai became a shadow of its former self after a world war and communist revolution.
Shanghai since then has regained its former glory and is now the richest and busiest city of China with billion dollar investments such as the 2010 World Expo host exposure.
A visit to Shanghai can be very enjoyable because of its rich culture, food, architecture and festivities.
(1) Tokyo
JAPAN (Estimated Filipino population in country: 290,358*)
The capital of Japan, Tokyo is a never-ending weird-in-a-good-way experience.
This city will surely test your senses with all the neon lighted advertisements, Sakura trees (Cherry Blossom), odd restaurants and cosplaying locals on the streets.
Also, girls who work behind a counter in Tokyo will always bow down to every customer and greet them like they were a very important person.
What’s not to love in Tokyo?
Most hated cities
Meanwhile, the following cities left a bad impression on the tourists, making them the top five on CNNGo's list of world's most hated cities:
(5) Los Angeles
UNITED STATES (Estimated Filipino population in country: 3,166,529*)
A city considered to be underwhelming by visitors, they warn of “tourist traps” such as Hollywood which take a lot of time from your jam-packed schedule.
Aside from these traps, Los Angeles is a city with constant riots, traffic, pollution and natural disasters like earthquakes.
(4) Timbuktu
MALI (Estimated Filipino population in country: 156*)
A city in the middle of nowhere, Timbuktu is a trading center in the desert.
Travelers who have returned from the city say that the extremely long trip is not worth it and the visit was disappointing.
Traveling to Timbuktu is so difficult and time-consuming that a third of the active tourists don’t believe that it even exists. 
(3) Paris
FRANCE (Estimated Filipino population in country: 50,144*)
Paris was part of the most loved cities from part 1 of this article but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be part of the most hated cities.
The “City of Light” has a love-hate relationship with tourists who complain about an overpriced “French Breakfast” and the swarms of French artists hinting to have your portrait drawn.
Although it is one of the top destinations in the world, Paris still suffers to bad reputation from unsatisfied visitors.
(2) Melbourne and Sydney
AUSTRALIA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 345,592*)
These two Australian cities actually hate each other despite the similarities that they share such as the population, multicultural residents up to the occasional bushfire.
Aside from this, Melbourne which prides itself as the “World’s most livable city” apparently does not take into account its sky-high prices for cost of living.
(1) Tijuana
MEXICO (Estimated Filipino population in country: 662*)
In 10 years, Tijuana’s annual tourist visitors have decreased by 90 percent.
This speaks a lot about the city but it’s not just the murders and carjackings that caused this.
Drugs, violence, recession and swine flu outbreaks are the main culprit why Tijuana is now at the top of our most hated city list. - VVP, GMA News
* - Data from the 2010 Stock Estimate of the Commission of Filipinos Overseas