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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OFW guide: What to do when your boss is a jerk

Working, in itself, is not easy but if you are also having a difficult time with your boss, an inevitable conflict may be looming just beyond the horizon.
Before confronting your boss with unstable emotions, it might be smart to handle the situation first with level-headed moves.

The information site Career Know-How suggests some interesting steps to take when your boss is a jerk:
(1) Change your perspective.
If you see your boss as a jerk, try shifting that to something more neutral like seeing your boss just as a boss.
The change in perspective will allow you to direct your energy into work and other productive things instead of stressing yourself out thinking that your boss is a jerk.
(2) Manage your boss.
Sometimes, to maintain a good relationship, you have to learn how to manage the manager.
Take time to know what your boss likes and dislikes. Know how your boss wants your work to be done. As long as you are his subordinate and he is your boss, you have to follow his or her instructions as long as it is legal within the company rules.
(3) Accept that your boss won’t change.
Some people think that if they please their boss, they will stop being jerks. Sometimes they change but often, they remain jerks.
The best thing to do is to change yourself, adjust to your boss, and don’t expect him or her to change for you.
(4) Liking or disliking your boss doesn’t matter.
Your boss is your boss, whether you like it or not. To be productive at work, you have to maintain a good working relationship.
To do this, you have to be respectful and do as you are told. It may not be easy but it will make things more tolerable which is better than being in bad terms with your boss.
(5) You only have limited choices.
Just like your parents, you can never choose who your boss will be. You have to either live with it or leave the company for good.
However, if you continue getting “bad bosses” you might end up resigning from all the jobs you get hired in. It is thus important to adapt to your boss instead of avoiding him or her.
(6) Document everything.
One day, you might find the need to file an official complaint against your boss for something that he or she did. Documentation will come in handy. This will be solid proof that you are being abused.
Whether it’s your tasks for the day or a work record, make sure to document it.
(7) Evaluate yourself.
You may see your boss as a jerk but it’s also important to pause, examine yourself, and ask: “Am I being a jerk that's why my boss treats me like this?”
Sometimes, to move forward, we have to realize that the mistake lies in us and not in others.
(8) Talk with a friend.
Instead of gossiping about your boss, talk with a close friend who does not work in the same company.
This will give you unbiased opinion that will help you handle the situation in a healthy manner.
(9) You are always your boss.
Although your boss may give you instructions on what to do, you will always be the one to carry out the actions.
Make sure that you are in control and that you do the work in the best way you can.
By doing this, you will make the best choices while remaining in control.

Things not to do to your boss
 Meanwhile, the blog site Peter Stark compiled a list of things one must never do to his or her boss:
(1) Confronting your boss.
Your boss may be a jerk but he is still your boss. Respect his position and keep your issues to yourself.
If you need to rant, talk with an HR advisor or a friend who does not work in the same company.
(2) Bypassing your boss.
You might think it’s smart to bypass your boss and go directly to the big boss when your immediate superior does not listen to you. However, this will damage your working relationship.
If you feel like you are being ignored by your boss, talk with him or her in an honest and civil manner.
(3) Speaking negatively about your boss.
What goes around comes around. Even if you share these thoughts with your closest confidants at work, it will somehow find its way to your boss. This wont be good for your career.
(4) Posting nasty things about your boss through social media.
Think before you click. Always remember that anything online could be used against you so be responsible whenever you post something.
Although you have your setting to private or your boss isn’t allowed to see what you post, what if he or she sees this through the account of a common friend?

It’s best to leave things at the office and move on with your personal life.
(5) Repeatedly complaining to your boss about the same things.
Bringing up concerns with salary or workload with your boss for the first or second time is one thing. However, if you keep bugging him every week about the same things, he or she will definitely be annoyed.
These things require time to be implemented. Give your boss the benefit of the doubt and patiently wait for results while doing your best to perform better at work.
(6) Telling your boss your dissatisfaction about his leadership.
Doing so will just be downright rude and disrespectful even though it might hold some truth to it.
What you can do is to honestly tell your boss what has been bothering you about him and you can work this out eventually without having to resort to hurtful words. - VVP, GMA News

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