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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinoy artists Quiccs, Bjornik to join art exhibit in Mongolia

Two Filipino artists who go by the names "Quiccs" and "Bjornik," will join the Global Tiger Translate Festival Ulan Bator, Mongolia on August 24.
The festival, with the theme “STREETS,” will highlight the energy of Asian cities, a news release of event curator Kult said.
The two Filipinos will be joining other artists from other countries such as Australia, Mongolia, and the United States for the three-day event.
During the first two days from August 22 to 23, the artists will go on a cultural tour of Ulan Bator to gain inspiration for the exhibit.
On the last day, the visiting artists will team up with Mongolian artists in interpreting Ulan Bator’s energy through their art.

The artists will portray Ulan Bator’s potential as an Asian megacity.

During the Tiger Translate main celebration on August 24, the artists' works will be featured in a show that includes performances by local and international DJs.
Tiger Translate is Tiger Beer’s global initiative to uncover Asia’s brightest rising artists and musicians.
The platform is currently on its sixth year and features several international artists like Rostarr, Faile, Jeremyville, Surface To Air, and Jon Burgerman, to name a few.

Best of the best
For Quiccs and Bjorniks, it wasn’t easy being selected for the event.
Quiccs, an art director and co-founder of Burnwater Design Studios, won a series of live art battles in bars around Manila.
He said the competition was a good way to spread awareness about environment protection.

“Tiger Translate is all about reversing the bad society of abusing nature’s resources for personal gain, and going beyond that and acknowledging the fact that we do not own mother nature, and that in fact we belong to her,” he said.
In February, he bested Anjo Bolardo in the final Manila bar battle with his bold and innovative graphics art style, making him qualify for the Mongolia bound trip.
Quiccs is a finalist of the art contest CE Planet 2012 and believes in the fusion of graffiti art and electronic media where he bases his unique style from.
On the other hand, Bjorniks who is an architect in training and considers himself as a storyteller through the lines he draws.
In a Tiger Translate contest he joined, his submission garnered the most votes in the Fan Favorite category. The "fans" voted via Facebook.
He describes his submission entitled “Must Love Manila” as something which is animated.
“As always the Manila cityscape comes alive with its charming vibrance and delightful chaos. Never can you find streets overcrowded with eclectic mix of culture and revelry like Manila,” he said.
“So when the sun sets beautifully by the bay, it means the party’s just getting started,” he concluded.
Bjorniks has drawn millions of "lines" as an artist which he has used to tell "stories."
He has won several international competitions and joined the Yahoo! Purplescape campaign.

He feels that, as an artist, he still has a lot of lines to draw and stories to tell. - VVP, GMA News

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