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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Colors in your home: eat hearty with red, stay focused with green


Nothing sets a mood like color can—whether you’re simply repainting your walls or coordinating your linens, curtains, pillows or carpeting.

Color can drastically change and set the character of a room. It also has certain effects on behavior—from keeping the kids calm to getting your energy up in the morning to turning up your appetites during family meals.

Here’s how you can make psychologist-approved colors work in your home:

1. For foyers and living rooms: welcoming reds, yellows, oranges, browns
These shades conjure warm, fuzzy feelings and are great for places for making people feel welcome. Use these autumn colors in a foyer. In your living room, choose accessories in the same tone. Or, use finishing materials like warm wood or brick to create a truly pleasant space.
Brown-hued living room (Thinkstock)

2.  For kitchens and dining rooms: stimulating reds and yellows
McDonald’s and Jollibee’s well-thought out color scheme of reds and yellows have a lot to do with attracting hungry clients. These shades work best for kitchens and dining rooms because they stimulate the appetite. Red, most especially, is also a color of energy and can help keep dinner table conversations lively and engaging.
Red-themed kitchen (Thinkstock)

3.  For bed and bath: cool blues, lavenders, greens
If you want a space meant for total and complete relaxation—your bedroom, a luxurious bathroom, or even a room dedicated to your yoga practice—go to the cool end of the color spectrum. Think blue skies, a turquoise sea, fields of fragrant lavender or rolling meadows in the springtime. These colors help lower the blood pressure and get you into a relaxed space where you can tune out the outside world and tune in to find inner peace.
Blue-tiled bathroom (Thinkstock)

4. For playrooms or exercise rooms: punchy yellows, greens, blues
An energy-packed shade like red might leave you (or your kids) feeling burnt out in a room meant for exercise and play. Instead, stick to bright shades of blue and yellow or green to pick up your mood, get you inspired to play and still leave you with enough adrenaline to finish that last set of burpees.
Yellow and green-colored play room (Thinkstock)

5. For home offices or study rooms: focus-inspiring green
If you want your kids to stay on top of their homework or if you want to prevent a backlog at your home office, stick to this calming color. Choose from charming sea foam to fashionable Kelly green and create a workspace that will actually work for you.

Green walls in a study room (Thinkstock)

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