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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Derrick Rose Is An Excellent Human Being


After a string of three “Derrick Rose Injury Update” posts in as many days, it would seem time for a change of pace. Therefore, this is not an update on Derrick Rose’s rehab, but Derrick Rose’s humanity.
I’m guessing most of you are at least vaguely aware of Rose’s backstory. Rose grew up in Englewood, on Chicago’s South Side. The area is infamous for its gang and gun-related violence, but — in large part thanks to the committed efforts of his family — Rose escaped intact, eventually making it to the NBA with the Bulls. There are a lot of people who aren’t so lucky.
You may have heard of the 6-month-old child who was shot and killed recently. It’s a terrible story, made worse by the lack of anyone willing to help solve the case. But there is a tidbit to the story that gives hope, even amid tragedy.
From the above link:
Reverend Corey Brooks, the family spokesman, says Bulls star Derrick Rose has offered to pay for Jonylah’s funeral.
It’s very, very hard to get past the awfulness of what happened, but it’s little things like this that give me hope. That an NBA player, much less a megastar like Rose, would step in an offer to pay for the entire funeral of a child he — so far as I can tell — had no connection to, is incredible. I wish more people were willing to step up and help people in times of trouble. Maybe, if more people were like Derrick Rose, the killer would have been caught right now.

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