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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Derrick Rose rehabbing well

Chris Paul and Mike Miller are just two of the NBA players who have reached out to rehabbing Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, whose ability to cope with his surgically repaired ACL has surprised even his brother Reggie.
"He's actually doing great," Reggie said Tuesday. "He's going real good, which surprises me. I thought he was going to be beating himself up. I've seen him beat himself up over a game that wasn't his fault, just anything. He's such a competitive guy. I just thought he was going to beat himself up because that's the way he is, like he let someone down.
"He's staying focused and has a positive attitude. I think he's doing great because we as a family we're all around him. No one is looking at him like, 'Aww, you let us down.' It's more supportive than anything."
Rose suffered the injury in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against thePhiladelphia 76ers on April 28. He had surgery on May 12.
"You have had a lot of NBA players, like Paul (of the Los Angeles Clippers), Mike Miller from the Heat, calling him and talking to him about the injury, and some of the players who have had the injury," Reggie said. "I think it's made his level of comfort even better.
"It also showed him you're in the NBA, and it's like a fraternity. Some of them guys in the league might not get along, but they don't want to see something physically terrible happen to someone."
Reggie said his brother is able to walk, but he is limited physically otherwise. Reggie planned for him to continue his rehab in California once he's given permission by the doctors to fly. Rose usually trains in California during the offseason.
"There's no deadline (for him going to California,)" Reggie said. "We're not rushing it. He's shut down. I told him, 'Take your time and relax.' He's got nothing to do. I took everything off his plate."
Reggie said Derrick has been watching some of the NBA playoffs, especially the Oklahoma City Thunder because of his friendship with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.
"Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are two of his best friends," Reggie said. "He's excited they're doing well. More likely than not, if he wants anyone to win it, he probably wants them."

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