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Saturday, July 14, 2012

OFW guide: Top 15 annoying things people do at work

In any kind of work, there are always unwritten rules to follow as a way of showing respect for co-workers.

Some people are rude, insensitive, or simply don't care. Are you one of them?

Here is a list of the most annoying things co-workers do in the office, adapted from the blog site The Daily Mind:

(1) Making loud, distracting, and unnecessary noises

For most people, it's difficult to concentrate at work when others are making loud, distracting, and unnecessary noises such as banging on the table, chatting and laughing out loud, eating noisily, and others.

Tip: Try asking your co-worker if you are disturbing him in any way. If you do this properly he will honestly tell you if you are, without arguing.

(2) Talking loudly on the phone

Some people are unaware about the way they annoy people with their booming voice.

Nobody wants to hear what you are talking about, especially when they are focusing on work so learn to tone down.

Tip: After using the phone, ask your co-workers if your voice is too loud.

(3) Listening to music out loud

This should be obvious. The office is a place for work and not for your random music banging away at other co-worker’s eardrums.

Not only is it distracting but it also keeps co-workers on the edge. This might lead to a confrontation later on if you don’t stop being so insensitive.

Tip: Use headphones.

(4) Spreading rumors

Gossiping is what people usually do at the office when they’re bored. Never spread rumors about anyone, be it the top boss or the person who occupies the lowliest position in your company. Every person deserves to be respected.

Tip: Don’t spread rumors if you don’t want to be the subject of the next big office rumor.

(5) Making assumptions

Don't judge others. Just because the new hire didn’t go to college or dropped out from the academe doesn’t mean that he is stupid.

Treat everyone, from the new hires to the bosses with respect.

A famous proverb states: The measure of a man is how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

Tip: Treat everyone equally and with respect.

(6) Excessive bragging

People will usually congratulate you when you do a great job at work. However, if you will keep on reminding your co-workers about how good you were at one particular project, soon no one would like to hang out with you.

Tip: Be humble. Great people don’t talk about their accomplishments, other people talk about them instead.

(7) Frequently bothering other people for "help"

If we frequently disturb other people by asking to help us in our office tasks, they will soon get tired of assisting us. We should remember that others have their own tasks to finish.

Work efficiently and try not to bother your co-workers. If you do ask for other people's help, make sure that you really need it and not because you're trying to catch up with work after chatting away at Facebook with an old high school crush.

Tip: Don’t ask for help if you don't really need it.

(8) Credit-grabbing

Nobody likes credit-grabbers. Have you ever worked hard at some project only for others to take credit for what you did?

Tip: Give credit where it is due. If you are the boss, remember that the accomplishments of your subordinates reflect directly on your performance. There’s no need for you to take credit, it’s already a given.

(9) Disrespecting seniors

Respecting your co-workers, especially your seniors, will take you a long way.

If you find that they are incorrect about something, make sure that you take the time to correct them politely without rubbing their mistake on their faces.

Tip: Respect everyone -- be they older or younger than you.

(10) Arriving late for work or meetings

Getting to work or a meeting before the appointed time is a sign of professionalism.

Arriving late shows that you don’t value your time or other people’s time.

Tip: If you cannot arrive on time for work or a meeting, inform your co-workers.

(11) Borrowing money

Some people like to borrow money every now and then from co-workers.

This is really annoying especially if the person who borrowed from you has to be reminded several times to pay up.

Tip: Avoid borrowing if you can, unless it’s an emergency.

(12) Posting  photos of work functions on Facebook

Everyone might be on Facebook but not everyone wants you posting photos of them.

Avoid “tagging” people on Facebook. Make sure you ask permission first before you do so.

Tip: Some people are really private when it comes to these things. Just respect their decision.

(13) Sending spam emails

Working email addresses are almost-always swamped with work-related email every day.

People won’t appreciate it if you add to that swamp of emails with a non-work related email such as a spam message.

Tip: Send work emails to email addresses for work and send your personal emails to non-work emails.

(14) Eating other people’s food

This usually happens in companies where there is a common refrigerator for each department.

The bottom line is, eating food which doesn’t belong to you is wrong and is stealing.

This is far from acceptable and can even cost you your job and land you in jail.

Tip: Bring your own food.

(15) Not washing hands, poor hygiene

People share a lot of things in the office. From phones, printers, door handles and other surfaces.

It would be common courtesy to wash your hands especially after eating food like greasy French fries so that co-workers wouldn’t have to wash their hands too.

Tip: Office equipment is used by everyone so be considerate in handling them.
- VVP, GMA News

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