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Saturday, January 5, 2013

7 signs he's a total player

We kind of hate ourselves for getting so into The Bachelor every year, but as another season premieres this month, we can't wait to indulge in our guilty pleasure. So in honor of the show that idolizes dating 20+ women at once, we asked Chiara Atik, dating expert at and author of Modern Dating: a Field Guide for the signs your man is a total player.

1. He's Out of Sight; Out of Mind
If a guy's really into you he makes concrete plans and follows up. A player is only interested in you when you're physically in front of him.

2. You Haven't Met His Friends
Mah-jor warning sign: If he has a lot of other girls that he's hanging out with, he's not going to introduce all of you to his group of guys. That opens up the chances that one of them will spill that you're not the only girl in his life. And that would mess with his game.

3. He Guilts You About Unannounced Calls
If you just call once out of the blue and he's mad about it, that's cagey. It could be because he's with another girl and doesn't know how to explain your call to her.

4. He Won't Stop Texting When You're Together
Players are usually really good at making you think you have their full attention. But if he seems distracted by his phone, that could be a sign he has ladies on the side.

5. He Takes Calls in Another Room
If it's one time or he says, "Hey, sorry, I have to take this," it's not a biggie. But the guy who is always leaving for calls or checking his phone and ignoring calls…that's a big sign.

6. He Says He Did Date Activities "With a Friend"
Sometimes they'll say, "I was at this restaurant with my friend," but you know it's a romantic restaurant that costs $$$. Clearly, something about that doesn't add up.

7. Something Feels Off
Often women know when there's something to worry about, but we tend to just focus on the positive stuff about a guy. Go with your gut. If he feels shady, he probably is shady.

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