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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Causes and Cures For Excessive Sleepiness


Whilst many suffer conditions like insomnia, resulting in lack of sleep for nights together, there are others who suffer the other extreme condition – excessive sleepiness.
If you rank amongst those, read on to know about the various probable causes and cures for the condition.

Causes of Excessive Sleepiness

The extreme opposite of insomnia is the disorder known as hypersomnia, a condition of excessive sleepiness. Following are some of the known causes of this condition:
1. Irregular Work Hours
If you work night shifts and sleep during the day, you have most certainly already bid adieu to a ‘normal’ sleep cycle. Since the sleep cycle gets disrupted, your body ends up being deprived of its regular and required hours of sleep, resulting in sleepiness and grogginess throughout the waking hours.
2. Absence of Physical Activity
Would you call yourself lazy? Or does sheer lethargy define you? If yes, you may also additionally suffer (or as you may more complacently be imagining as blissful advantage) excessive sleepiness. When the body does not get its required dosage of exercise, it falls into a state of slow metabolism functioning, resulting in more lethargy and sleepiness.
3. Excessive Weight
Overweight or obese people are also likely to suffer hypersomnia, as per studies. Since the excessive weight tends to slow down the metabolic rate of the body, the energy levels also run low, consequently. The result is sleepiness extending beyond the required and normal hours.

Cures of Excessive Sleepiness

Whilst you may be suffering excessive sleepiness due to any of the above or any other reasons, fret not! There are possible cures as well that can help you sleep better and not feel drowsy all the time.
1. Follow a Timetable
Just the way you did in school, bring about a routine in your work life as well. Eating meals on time, doing activities at a set time each day and going to bed at the same time every night will help regularize the body and make it accustomed to the routine you set for it.
2. Exercise
The cure for all that ails human kind, regular and appropriate exercise can take care of sleeping disorders as well. Exercise as part of your routine will ensure that the metabolic rate of your body stays high, thereby leading to higher levels of energy and lesser requirement of sleep.
3. Medication
Whilst there are natural ways to cure the disorder of excessive sleepiness, resort to medication, ONLY under the supervision of a medical professional and ONLY if the situation has become unmanageable.
Tons of medication is available in the market nowadays to deal with almost any kind of disorder or illness, finding the root cause of the condition can often lead to a better cure. So, dig deeper before you pick up those pills!

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