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Monday, February 18, 2013

Gallup poll says the Philippines is World Leader in Love

The Philippines was voted the “world leader in love” as 93 percent of Filipinos admitted feeling love, according to a survey by the United States-based pollster Gallup.
Justin Wolfers, Gallup senior scientist and University of Michigan professor, said the Philippines bested 136 countries the pollster visited in 2006 and 2007.
“As part of the world poll, Gallup asked people, ‘Did you experience the following feelings during a lot of the day yesterday? How about love?’ The result was the most comprehensive global index of love ever constructed,” he said.
Wolfers noted on a typical day, around 70 percent of the world population reported they experienced love the day before.
“Given the question, this need not be the romantic kind of love typically celebrated on Valentine’s Day – it may also be the love of a child, a parent, family, or good friends. Needless to say, all are worth celebrating,” he added.
In the US, Wolfers said the “feelings of love were a bit more widespread, with 81 percent of Americans experiencing it for a lot of the day.”
“The world leader in love is the Philippines, where fully 93 percent of the population reported feeling love; Rwanda isn’t far behind at 92 percent, and Puerto Rico is the only other population surveyed where at least nine in 10 respondents reported feeling love,” he added.
In fourth place was Hungary with 89 percent; followed by Cyprus, and Trinidad and Tobago with 88 percent each; Paraguay with 87; Lebanon 86; and Costa Rica and Cambodia with 85 percent each.
On the other hand, the country with “the least widespread feeling of love” was Armenia with 29 percent; followed by Mongolia and Uzbekistan with 32 percent each; Kyrgyzstan with 34; Morocco, Belarus and Georgia with 43 each; Kazakhstan with 45; Moldova with 46; and Azerbaijan and Tajikistan with 47 percent each.
“It is important to note that differences between countries may be due to how cultures define love and not in actual day-to-day experiences. In some countries, the idea of love is restricted to a romantic partner, while in others it extends to family members and friends,” Wolfers said.
(Story courtesy of Sheila Crisostomo of the Philippine Star)

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