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Sunday, July 22, 2012

UK-based OFWs commend PNoy’s performance

LONDON - During a recent Filipino community gathering in North London, the Philippine Embassy here took pride at the positive growth of the economy of the Philippines during the first three months of this year.
The Philippine embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission Reynaldo Catapang informed kababayans that the Philippine’s economy is on the right track.
“With the record of having the strongest performing stock market in Asia last year, the Philippines continues to go on a roll this year, seeing a 14% rise in the market,” he said.
“The positive trend continued on with the economy growing at a faster than expected rate of 6.4% this first quarter of 2012,” he added.
According to reports, the 6.4 percent growth of the Philippine economy surpassed the International Monetary Fund forecast of 3.5 percent growth at the end of this year.
The country’s unexpected growth rate has outpaced other Asian countries growth record such as Thailand, Singapore, Japan and others.
In light of these developments, Filipino workers in the United Kingdom gave their support to President Aquino.
Cesar Gerolaga, a phlebotomist in Colchester General Hospital in Essex, England, is convinced that President Aquino is doing his job.

“I believe he is doing what needs to be done for our country. Based on what we have heard on the radio, read on the newspapers and seen on the television, he already made some accomplishments,” he said.
He also stressed that the Filipino people should be patient with the President’s plans for the country.
“The President needs time to work on the changes that are needed for the country. And we need to give that time to him,” he said.
Some Filipinos here have commended the President on implementing the appropriate laws for the country.
George Magsino, an OFW in London, hails PNoy’s performance in terms of exercising properly the rule of law in the country.
“In almost three years of his duty, he has been firm on his stand in promoting and implementing the laws in our country. He deserves to stay until he finishes his term,” he said.
“He is also good leader. I salute him for that,” he added.
While some OFWs commended him for his performance for the last two years, some kababayans are calling PNoy to act more on job creations, long-term programs in implementing and maintaining cleanliness in the country and the overhaul of the country’s health service.
Lyn Patrolia, an OFW who has been working in London for the past 19 years, is asking the Aquino government to produce more jobs for the Filipino people.
“I think the best thing that he can do is to produce more jobs for everyone so our countrymen can improve their lives,” she said.
Rose Villegas, a hairstylist in Earls Court, Kensington wants the government to also prioritize waste management. She hopes that a program will be created to instill in the minds of every Filipino the proper way of disposing their waste. This will help their community and the country which is prone to flooding during the rainy season.
“As much as possible, there should be a making of a program that will teach the people to be more responsible in managing their waste especially during the month of June, it keeps on raining and there’s flooding everywhere,” she said.
“Flood control should be given attention,” she added.
Gerolaga also recommended prioritizing the development of health services in the Philippines.
“If our country is very healthy that’s the best sign of progress. That will be the time when the people will really recognize that the President is doing his job very well,” he said.
The President’s efforts to combat corruption in the country were also recognized by Filipinos here.
Marlon Fernando, a businessman based in London, has expressed his confidence on the President’s commitment to eradicate corruption in the Philippines.
“Now the problem of corruption has been addressed well by the President, I’m sure this will continue until he finishes his term,” he said.

“I hope he will also continue his good track record so that the next presidents of the country will follow his footsteps,” he said.

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