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Thursday, July 26, 2012

World's most loved, most hated cities — Part 2

he top five on the news site CNNGo's list of the world's 10 most loved cities include: 
(5) Petra
JORDAN (Estimated Filipino population in country: 30,171*)
Known as the “Rose-Red City,” Petra was an old ancient Nabatean ruin dating back more than 2,000 years.
It was rediscovered through the help of a Swiss adventurer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt and has acquired the “Wonder of the World” accreditation from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
(4) San Francisco
UNITED STATES (Estimated Filipino population in country: 3,166,529*)
An escape from the hustle and buzz of America, San Francisco boasts enchanting hills, wonderful bridges, cable cars, and ferries.
The city’s pride, the Golden Gate Bridge also recently celebrated is anniversary.
If you want to avoid the crowds, it is advised that you tread the Land’s End Trail, a four-kilometer coastal trek considered to be one of the most beautiful.
(3) Santiago
CHILE (Estimated Filipino population in country: 176*)
This city is like a collection of all the good stuff from other American cities.
Santiago has better weather than Vancouver, livelier music than Seattle, More entertaining cafes than Portland, greater bar hours and prices than Los Angeles and more fashionable people than San Francisco.
It also has been ranked top by the New York Times in its “41 places to go” list.
(2) Shanghai
CHINA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 26,772*)
Once dubbed as the “Paris of the Orient,” Shanghai became a shadow of its former self after a world war and communist revolution.
Shanghai since then has regained its former glory and is now the richest and busiest city of China with billion dollar investments such as the 2010 World Expo host exposure.
A visit to Shanghai can be very enjoyable because of its rich culture, food, architecture and festivities.
(1) Tokyo
JAPAN (Estimated Filipino population in country: 290,358*)
The capital of Japan, Tokyo is a never-ending weird-in-a-good-way experience.
This city will surely test your senses with all the neon lighted advertisements, Sakura trees (Cherry Blossom), odd restaurants and cosplaying locals on the streets.
Also, girls who work behind a counter in Tokyo will always bow down to every customer and greet them like they were a very important person.
What’s not to love in Tokyo?
Most hated cities
Meanwhile, the following cities left a bad impression on the tourists, making them the top five on CNNGo's list of world's most hated cities:
(5) Los Angeles
UNITED STATES (Estimated Filipino population in country: 3,166,529*)
A city considered to be underwhelming by visitors, they warn of “tourist traps” such as Hollywood which take a lot of time from your jam-packed schedule.
Aside from these traps, Los Angeles is a city with constant riots, traffic, pollution and natural disasters like earthquakes.
(4) Timbuktu
MALI (Estimated Filipino population in country: 156*)
A city in the middle of nowhere, Timbuktu is a trading center in the desert.
Travelers who have returned from the city say that the extremely long trip is not worth it and the visit was disappointing.
Traveling to Timbuktu is so difficult and time-consuming that a third of the active tourists don’t believe that it even exists. 
(3) Paris
FRANCE (Estimated Filipino population in country: 50,144*)
Paris was part of the most loved cities from part 1 of this article but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be part of the most hated cities.
The “City of Light” has a love-hate relationship with tourists who complain about an overpriced “French Breakfast” and the swarms of French artists hinting to have your portrait drawn.
Although it is one of the top destinations in the world, Paris still suffers to bad reputation from unsatisfied visitors.
(2) Melbourne and Sydney
AUSTRALIA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 345,592*)
These two Australian cities actually hate each other despite the similarities that they share such as the population, multicultural residents up to the occasional bushfire.
Aside from this, Melbourne which prides itself as the “World’s most livable city” apparently does not take into account its sky-high prices for cost of living.
(1) Tijuana
MEXICO (Estimated Filipino population in country: 662*)
In 10 years, Tijuana’s annual tourist visitors have decreased by 90 percent.
This speaks a lot about the city but it’s not just the murders and carjackings that caused this.
Drugs, violence, recession and swine flu outbreaks are the main culprit why Tijuana is now at the top of our most hated city list. - VVP, GMA News
* - Data from the 2010 Stock Estimate of the Commission of Filipinos Overseas

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