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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

World's most loved, most hated cities — Part 1

Travelers have different personal reasons for loving or hating a certain place.

Everyone's personal list of top 10 most loved and top 10 most hated cities will likely be very different from one another.

Still, the news site CNNGo said it has come up with a "definitive list" of top 10 most loved countries, based on the opinions of netizens, bloggers, travelers, and media persons, among others.
Based on CNNGo's list, the bottom five in the top 10 most loved cities in the world are:

(10) Barcelona
SPAIN (Estimated Filipino population in country: 52,611*)
The first three letters of this city suggests a "place to drink, " and CNNGo says just like in a bar, "it's a good time every time" in Barcelona, a city that doesn’t sleep.
This Mediterranean place is a youthful city boasting of style, architecture, good food, and fantastic weather. It is no surprise that the city won the British travel award “Best City Break Destination” in 2009.
(9) Cape Town
SOUTH AFRICA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 2539*)
Dubbed as South Africa’s “Mother City,” Cape Town has been nominated and won various awards from different organizations:

  • “2011 Top Destination in the World” – TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards
Aside from the excellent reviews, beaches, harbors and architecture, Cape Town is the home of Table Mountain, one of the Seven New Wonders of Nature.
(8) Montreal
CANADA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 667,674*)
What makes Montreal stand out is the general festive attitude of the people, making tourists enjoy more the experience and leisure that the city has to offer.
Summer is the peak season for Montreal where two world-renowned festivals are celebrated:
the International Jazz Festival (June 28-July 7) and
Just for Laughs (July 12-29).
Montreal was also recently granted the “City of Design” status by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
(7) New York
UNITED STATES (Estimated Filipino population in country: 3,166,529*)
One of the world's most popular cities, New York is the third most visited city in the world.
A single daily experience such as riding the train, crossing the streets, or buying a hotdog from a corner stall will surely be an experience worth your visit.
New York is also the home to famous landmarks such as Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, Fifth Avenue and Yankee Stadium to name a few.
(6) Paris
FRANCE (Estimated Filipino population in country: 50,144*)
The world’s most visited city, Paris is toured by 15 million people every year.
The city is considered to be a treasure trove when it comes to art, architecture, food and fashion.
The “City of Light” also boasts global landmarks like The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe and Notre-Dame Cathedral.
Watch out for Part 2 of this report where we will feature the top 5 world's most loved cities.

Most hated cities
While there are most loved cities, for various reasons, travelers also have a list of most hated cities where they have had hideous experiences.
CNNGo's list of most hated cities include:
(10) Belize City
BELIZE (Estimated Filipino population in country: 102*)
This city has good travel advertisements and promotions but don’t be fooled.
Belize, sadly, face problems with drugs, crime, and general dilapidation which will turn your vacation into a nightmare.
(9) Cairo
EGYPT (Estimated Filipino population in country: 6,565*)
Home to one of the world’s last ancient wonders, the Pyramids, Cairo is a city with a wealthy history.
However, the pollution that the city emits is far from safe for the World Health Organization has compared breathing in this city for a day as smoking a pack of cigarettes.
Tourists are also advised to avoid crowds and protestors and to have patience for its ridiculous traffic.
(8) New Delhi
INDIA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 2,081*)
CNNGo said one thing that never goes out of fashion in New Delhi: scams.
The “Scam City” has various scams to look out for. However, it is most likely that even street smart people can be scammed.
Some of the popular scams are: "Government Tourist Office" scam; The "Hotel Commission" scam; The "Fake Train Station" scam; The "Airport Transfer" scam.

(7) Jakarta
INDONESIA (Estimated Filipino population in country: 11,914*)
Nicknamed the “Big Durian,” Jakarta is not an easy city to love at first sight with all the traffic, poverty, and pollution, among others.
However, most tourists who stay in Jakarta only spend an average of a little more than a week definitely adding to the negative first impression on the city.
CNNGo said some expats who have stayed in Jakarta for extended periods testify that it’s actually quite a nice city.
(6) Lima
PERU (Estimated Filipino population in country: 299*)
Lima is the fifth largest metropolis of Latin America.

It is generally better than most cities nearby in terms of crime rate and pollution but tourists don’t like it due to one thing: they think it’s boring in Lima.

The city just gives a vibe which is too traditional especially for those who are not willing to “get their hands dirty” exploring a city.

Watch out for Part 2 of this report on the world's most loved and most hated cities in the world.
- VVP, GMA News

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