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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pinoys are Asia Pacific’s 2nd best tippers

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos are the second most consistent tippers in the Asia Pacific region, according to a survey from MasterCard Worldwide.
A P50 bill. File photo
The survey showed that tipping comes naturally to Filipinos, with 75% of them saying that they regularly give gratuities when visiting restaurants or bars.
Thais emerged on top, with 89% of them saying that they consistently tip, while Hong Kong consumers ranked third at 71%.
At the bottom of the list are the Japanese, with only 3% of them saying that they regularly give tips.
“The research indicates what a diverse set of markets make up the Asia Pacific region,” said Georgette Tan, vice president of communications of MasterCard Worldwide.
“It is a truly remarkable mix of cultures and understanding them is a big challenge for global businesses,” she added.
MasterCard Worldwide’s survey covered nearly 7,000 respondents aged 18 to 64 in 14 Asia Pacific countries.
Below is the full list of the region’s best and worst tippers:
  1. Thailand, 89%
  2. Philippines, 75%
  3. Hong Kong, 71%
  4. India, 61%
  5. Australia, 55%
  6. Malaysia/Indonesia, 40%
  7. Singapore, 33%
  8. Vietnam, 30%
  9. China, 28%
  10. New Zealand, 20%
  11. Taiwan, 17%
  12. South Korea, 13%
  13. Japan, 3%

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