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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinay house cleaner makes it big in American investments

Former house cleaner Mila Ferrer is now a millionaire owning 52 properties in America.
Ferrer is also regional Vice President in an international investment company.
The 60-year old single mother of five children migrated to America with just twenty dollars in her pocket some 40 years ago.
Ferrer is a native of Alcala, Pangasinan and admits she had humble beginnings as an orphan and recounts her story as one of four siblings who were trying to survive. She promised to herself then that she would not let her children live a hard life like she did.
Her life as a migrant Filipino was not easy – she was broke and lived in a trailer home. A fresh graduate, she tried out for 17 job interviews and was still jobless, thinking that her luck had failed her.

Not one to be discouraged, she managed to clean houses to make a living.
She took on a clerical post in an investment company and later on rose to become a loan manager.
“I learned how to make my own money. I was cleaning houses, working in the bank, doing real estate, working as personal assistant to doctors, and being a mom,” she said while reminiscing her early days in the United States.
Finally, the opportunity to live a life like she wanted came and she seized it.
She now currently resides in Plano, Illinois and lists as part of her properties the house she used to clean.
Her advice? “You have to find a mentor. Kasi yung pera mo kung pagulungan mo you’ll be able to make it.”

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