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Friday, July 6, 2012

‘Kanto’ brings Pinoy street food to Toronto

CANADA – Shipment containers-turned-food stalls are operated by vendors selling diverse international street cuisine in downtown Toronto.
Kababayan Diona Joyce, owner of “Kanto”, is one of them.
“This is the first one for the shipping containers to be in Toronto. Its been doing pretty job and I think because there's a lot of Filipinos, even non-Filipinos, who want to eat Filipino food here in downtown Toronto,” said Joyce.
“Kanto” is bringing traditional food into mainstream Toronto dining scene and among the customers’ favorites are the palabok, lumpiang shanghai, halo-halo and lechon kawali.
“We went to a food store and they were serving halo-halo and she said 'Jesus, Mark, you gotta try it". And I tried it. It was delicious, It was good. I've been getting it whenever I have a chance,” said customer Mark Charmy who is married to a Filipina.
Another customer is Jackie Snyder. She works just across the street and would patiently wait for her order.
“I like what's going on here...the variety, the street food. I love international cuisine,” she said.

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