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Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 Weight Loss Tips - Get Ready to Slim Down Without the Back-Breaking Effort

There are two essentially important things that Americans are struggling with -- health and fitness. Records show that the most overweight and obese people on earth can be found in the U.S. There are hundreds of diet and weight loss programs to be found in the fitness circle yet the lack of will power to start is the most difficult aspect to deal with.
A lot of us are aware that shedding of extra pounds is a key to prevent weight-related health risks like diabetes, hypertension and stroke, yet are too lazy to get fit. Below are some very doable action plans that will keep your weight down and even save your life in the long run.

1. Stay clear of fatty foods. If you keep your cupboard stacked with pastries, chocolate and junk food, then you are fighting a losing battle. Get these fatteners out of your shelves. After all, you can't eat what isn't there.

2. Don't live a sedentary life. Go out and take up some outdoor physical activities or sport. Soak up some sunlight to produce serotonin, a beneficial hormone that may curb the desire for sugar and carbohydrates.

3. Get enough sleep at night. Studies show that lack of sleep adversely affects weight loss. People who suffer from sleep deprivation produce higher amounts of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite.

4. Your choice of music determines the amount of your food intake. Research revealed that people consume their food faster when upbeat music is played on the background. The more upbeat the sound, the faster -- and the more -- you eat.

5. Don't gobble down your food. Instead, chew your food slowly. It takes 20 minutes for the digestive system to tell the brain that it is full. By eating fast, your system fails to recognize that it's already satiated. Take time to savor your food. Eating more slowly will improve the sensitivity of your taste buds.

6. Don't skip your meals, particularly breakfast. It is the meal that will start your day. Skipping a meal makes your blood sugar drop, making you crave for food. Once you're famished, you'll more likely gobble down whatever food you may chance upon.

7. Keep your negative emotions on a leash.Emotions like anger or depression, when not kept under control, can make you gain more weight. Negative emotions cause your system to produce stress hormones associated with weight gain.

8. Stay committed to the positive goals you've set.These weight loss tips are simple and doable but will require some amount of will power and determination. Focusing on the end result of your weight loss program will help you in staying on track.

9. Accept the fact that even the best diet plans may not work out at the start. Don't ruin the positive steps that you've started by thinking you can't lose weight. Buoy yourself up and try until you get your desired figure. Imagining you can do it is already half the battle won.

10. Don't be afraid to exercise. Walk, jog, swim, ride a bike, clean the house, do lawn work -- anything to make you sweat and burn those fats. It's so simple and good for your heart as well.

Good health is your best investment. Weight loss and some exercise will make you feel good, look great and keep you away from sickness. Let's just say it's a form of protecting your investment.


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